3-gatsu no Lion | March comes in like a Lion

A boy aged 17 years young named Rei Kiriyama lives solitary and get paid as a Shogi player professional. Although being independent, he is emotionally immature and has issues that haunts him constantly. Rei has difficulties communicating with his peers in high school and has strained relationship with his adoptive family. His career as a professional has started to slump with records wavering in both wins and loses. Thus, this progression has stagnated his ranking. Hinata, Akari and Momo are the three Kawamoto sisters are Rei’s acquaintances who lives blissfully in their simple home. The Kawamoto sister family who is often visited by Rei, provided him the warm welcome, affection and kind care he has never quite experience during his stay at the foster home. This story displays the Rei’s growth, his failures and triumphs as well as the old and new relationships he has made.

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