Chain Chronicle: Haecceitas no Hikari | The Light of Haecceitas

A TV anime adaptation of the mobile game Chain Chronicle. Yugudo, the foremost continent, was on the verge of extinction due to sudden appearance of dark monsters “black army”.
The owner of the six countries on the continent · Holy King dies, the capital falls as well.
At that time despair dominated the hearts of people, a warrior Yuri without a single name formed a volunteer and stood up. Voluntary army overcomes various difficulties in the journey around the continent, the Holy Knights of the Holy Kingdom led by St. Princess Juliana, the magical soldiers of the wise tower, the soil and fire fairies of the labyrinth mountains, the lake city of the desert, and the spirit Forest of the island Fairy and the light of hope is brought to the hearts of people living in various parts of Yugdo. Furthermore, it persuaded nine territory’s largest-Shuza of flame along with the girl-Fina with a chain Chronicle, finally putting together into one Yugudo. And the Kingdom capture recapture strategy which raised all the power of Yugudo centering on the Yong Dynasty began. The Yuri finally reached the origin of the black king with the power of their “Kizuna”.

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