Koutetsujou no Kabaneri | Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress

The story sets in the industrial revolution where a monster materializes which cannot be eliminated unless his iron-shielded heart is pierced. This monster can transform humans into aggressive undead creatures known as Kabane just by infecting them with a single bite. Located far in the east lies the island Hinomoto where citizen built shelter protected with gargantuan castle-walls as a refuge from the Kabane. This refuge has a steam station with a locomotive called Hayajiro which is used to transport goods to and fro other stations. A boy named Ikoma lives in Aragane station and aids in building Hayajiro. Ikoma invented his own weapon labelled as Tsuranukizutsu specifically to defeat these monsters. One fine day, as he waits for the chance to utilize his weapon, he stumbles upon Mumei, a female who is excused from the compulsory checkup. Ikuma meets Mumei again during the night as he sees Hayajiro becoming uncontrollable. The station was under attack and the locomotive staff has transformed into Kabane and this is the moment where Ikomoa has been anticipated.

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