Love Live! Sunshine!!

An ordinary self-proclaimed girl known as Chika Takami lacks any unique talents and never been associated in any clubs. However, upon visiting Tokyo, she realized that a normal girl like her can shine at a stage in School Idols World. As a result, Chika is resolved to establish her very own idol club in Uranohoshi Girl’s High School located at the seaside of her hometown. Dia Kurosawa, the student council president, stands firmly against the creation of idol club. This became one of the greatest obstacles even before Chika could recruit students into the group. As though hope was lost, she meets a talented piano student from Otonokizaka High School who goes by the name Riko Sakurauchi. Chika believes she is a promising member and convincing her to join proves a little difficult. Still, she is determined to press forward and conquer these obstacles that prevents her from forming the school idol club which glitters as bright as the nine members came before her.

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