Nisekoi: False Love

Raku Ichijou, a first-year student at Bonyari High School, is the sole heir to an intimidating yakuza family. Ten years ago, Raku made a promise to his childhood friend. Now, all he has to go on is a pendant with a lock, which can only be unlocked with the key which the girl took with her when they parted. Now, years later, Raku has grown into a typical teenager, and all he wants is to remain as uninvolved in his yakuza background as possible while spending his school days alongside his middle school crush Kosaki Onodera. However, when the American Bee Hive Gang invades his family’s turf, Raku’s idyllic romantic dreams are sent for a toss as he is dragged into a frustrating conflict: Raku is to pretend that he is in a romantic relationship with Chitoge Kirisaki, the beautiful daughter of the Bee Hive’s chief, so as to reduce the friction between the two groups. Unfortunately, reality could not be farther from this whopping lie—Raku and Chitoge fall in hate at first sight, as the girl is convinced he is a pathetic pushover, and in Raku’s eyes, Chitoge is about as attractive as a savage gorilla. Nisekoi follows the daily antics of this mismatched couple who have been forced to get along for the sake of maintaining the city’s peace. With many more girls popping up his life, all involved with Raku’s past somehow, his search for the girl who holds his heart and his promise leads him in more unexpected directions than he expects.

Nisekoi: False Love Sypnosis

Episode 1: The Promise
Raku Ichijo, the son of a yakuza boss, prefers to just live a normal high school life. On the way to school he is kneed in the face by a girl, but gets tended by Kosaki Onodera, a sweet classmate that he has a crush on since middle school. The teacher announces a new transfer student, Chitoge Kirisaki, who happens to be the girl that crashed into Raku, and they start arguing. Raku realizes he has lost his locket that contains the memories of his first love, because of the collision, and asks Chitoge to help look for it. After several days their relationship gets worse that Raku tells Chitoge to stop looking. Chitoge eventually finds the locket. Afterwards, Raku’s father tells Raku that he is to pretend being in a dating relationship with a girl from a rival gang in order for their gangs to make peace, but to Raku’s chagrin, the girl turns out to be Chitoge.

Episode 2: Encounter
In order to settle the feud between their families’ gangs, Raku and Chitoge act lovey-dovey towards each other. The next day, Chitoge and Raku go on a date, which is heavily supervised by the gangs, but they drive each other nuts on typical activities. At a park, Chitoge heads to a restroom where she overhears her gang acting suspicious over the relationship. Raku wishes he were on a date with Kosaki instead when she suddenly appears. Chitoge returns and tells Kosaki that she and Raku are a couple.

Episode 3: Two of a Kind
Raku and Chitoge’s classmates get word that they are a couple, but before they can deny it, they spot Claude watching from the tree, so they act lovey-dovey. Kosaki tells Raku about his good qualities and how he cares about people, but accidentally drops her key. When Raku learns that Chitoge has not made any other friends, he helps her out. They talk about their fake dating situation, unaware that Kosaki has overheard them.

Episode 4: The Visit
Raku’s friends come over to his house for a study session. Ruri tries to set up a situation where Raku tutors Kosaki, but Chitoge volunteers. Shu asks if they have kissed yet, so Raku pulls him aside and reveals his situation with Chitoge. Raku’s gangster guys trick Raku and Chitoge into being locked in a storage room, where Raku learns that Chitoge is afraid of dark places. They also discover they have never kissed anyone on the lips before.

Episode 5: Swimming
Ruri tries to improve Kosaki’s chances with Raku by having Raku and Chitoge teach Kosaki how to swim. Ruri notices that Raku and Chitoge argue more often than act lovey-dovey. Raku finds Kosaki’s key and tries to use it unlock his pendant but it turns out to be the key to the girls locker room. The day of the swim meet, Kosaki uses a kick board, but when Chitoge gets hit by leg cramps and almost drowns, Raku rescues her and then has to give her mouth-to-mouth which infuriates Chitoge. Following the credits is a showcase of Raku and the gang’s previous Valentine’s Day experiences.

Episode 6: Borrowing and Lending
Chitoge finds out that Raku was the one who saved her from drowning in the school pool. She tries to thank him, but ends up beating him up more in the process. Kosaki attempts to confess her feelings to Raku but ultimately fails. Chitoge later finds Raku’s locket and returns it to him. It is later revealed that Chitoge had the locket chain fixed in secret, and that she also made a promise with a boy ten years ago, yet all she can remember about the boy is the line “Zawsze in Love” (“ザクシャ イン ラブ”).

Episode 7: Rival
Seishirou Tsugumi is introduced as another new transfer student. As a former acquaintance of Chitoge, Seishirou finds Raku unfit to be Chitoge’s lover. Seishirou challenges Raku to a duel but is inadvertently outplayed. While trying to revive his opponent, Raku learns that Seishirou is actually a girl despite her masculinity. The day ends with Raku earning a genuine amount of respect and affection from Seishirou.

Episode 8: Happiness
When Raku has to buy pet food, Tsugumi accompanies him to see if he is really fit to be Chitoge’s boyfriend. However, Tsugumi is bothered by her developing feelings for Raku, so she later seeks advice from her classmates. After being reminded that Chitoge had a first love, Chitoge opens her closet and reads her old diary from ten years ago. When the entries cease, she discovers a key resembling one that could open Raku’s locket.

Episode 9: Hot Springs
Raku’s class has a trip to a hot springs resort. Shu arranges for Raku, Chitoge, Kosaki and Seishirou to ride together and bump into each other on the way. Chitoge recalls the boy from her diary has a scar on his forehead, but is shocked when she sees Raku with a forehead scar. After settling in, the group plans to take a dip at the hot springs. Claude switches the signs for the men’s and women’s bath to trap Raku into the wrong hot springs. In the bath, Chitoge finds Raku but the two cooperate to get Raku to an escape route, however, the other girls arrive, and Kosaki’s talk about first love has Raku curious. Raku eventually escapes and apologizes to Chitoge.

Episode 10: Lottery
Continuing on the resort trip, the class holds a test of courage where the boys are paired with girls. Raku and Kosaki are luckily paired with each other. Meanwhile, Chitoge who had mixed feelings after the bath incident, was prompted to become one of its ghosts for the test despite her fear of the dark. After hearing of Chitoge’s situation, Raku leaves Kosaki to rescue Chitoge. While recollecting on the time she was saved by a boy as a kid, Raku appears before Chitoge. Afterwards, Chitoge tells Raku to call each other by their first name.

Episode 11: Celebration
When Tsugumi plans a surprise birthday party for Chitoge, and invites Raku and his friends, Ruri makes Kosaki go with Raku to shop for gifts together. Raku finds his time with Kosaki to be fleeting, but Kosaki shows Raku a scenic overlook. When Raku asks Kosaki if she is the promised girl from ten years ago, she answers yes, but they are interrupted by a phone call. At the party, after receiving her friends and family’s gifts, Chitoge asks Raku about his feelings for the promised girl and whether he recognizes the phrase “Forever in Love”.

Episode 12: Confirmation
Chitoge reveals that she has a key that could unlock Raku’s locket, but when they try, the key breaks. While Raku’s locket is under repair, Raku thinks about who might be the one he made the promise to. Chitoge’s father mentions that he recognized Kosaki from the past as the three were friends. Raku’s father mentions he has a photo of the girl that Raku made a promise to ten years ago.

Episode 13: After School
While happy that he has a nice picture of Kosaki, Raku struggles with finding the photo of the girl with whom he made a promise. At a study group, he nearly publicizes that he likes Kosaki. After Raku’s father tells him the location, Raku discovers that the girl in the photo is someone else, and that she also has a different key. Raku shares his umbrella with Chitoge in the rain, but when the downpour gets heavy, they rest at a shelter and share the photos they ordered. Raku’s father tells them that the girl in the photo is coming to school tomorrow and that she is actually Raku’s fiancée.

Episode 14: Ordeal
Baffled by the fact that the girl in the photo is Raku’s fiancée, the aforementioned girl transfers in Raku’s class as Marika Tachibana, the daughter of the police chief. She also bears a key that may unlock Raku’s locket. Marika and Raku then head on a date, with Kosaki, Ruri, Seishirō and Chitoge spying on them. During their date, Marika bribes Raku into ending his relationship with Chitoge in exchange for answering all his questions regarding the girl and the promise he made ten years ago. Raku refuses, furthermore adding that he has no past memories with Marika, inciting within Marika her vulgar persona and bursts into a tantrum, causing Raku to finally recognize Marika.

Episode 15: Three Keys
Finally having recognized Marika, the latter fills in Raku about their childhood days and how she molded herself into being Raku’s ideal woman then kissing him on the cheek by surprise. With the existence of three keys further shadowing the true identity of the promise girl — in the midst of the confusion — Marika invites Raku to her home to pay respects to her father.

Episode 16: Typhoon
Raku was asked by Kosaki to help out at their family’s sweets shop. While in the line of work, a strong typhoon forces Raku to stay at Kosaki’s house for the time being. While under awkward silence at first, the pair eventually holds a proper conversation until the typhoon subsided — allowing Raku to head home safely — much to Raku’s discontent. Nonetheless, Raku was able to exchange e-mail addresses with Kosaki as the latter feels proud of the progress she made with Raku.

Episode 17: Temple Festival
At a temple festival, Raku works in one of the food stalls being run by his faction’s men. After bumping into Chitoge, she had Raku accompany her as a free pass to most of the stalls. When purchasing a relationship charm, Raku gets separated from Chitoge in the crowd and instead stumbles on Kosaki. Afterwards, Raku’s relationship charm gets nabbed by a calico cat and Raku chases after it, passing by Marika then Seishirou. Meanwhile, a yukata-clad Chitoge finds Raku’s charm and returns it to him. Reading a sign regarding the meaning behind relationship charms, Chitoge receives a relationship charm as an offer from Raku and mistakes it as a proposal.

Episode 18: At the Beach
Raku and the gang go to a beach in the midst of their summer vacation. Chitoge develops romantic feelings for Raku, much to her anxiousness. Kosaki inadvertently asks an asleep Raku of allowing her to kiss him whereas Chitoge mishears it as Kosaki asking for kimchi. While trying to confirm her feelings, Chitoge is approached by Raku and asks him if they would make a functional couple. As a reply, Raku rebukes otherwise, much to Chitoge’s heartbreak and causing her to storm off whilst leaving Raku an apology. During their new semester, Raku and Chitoge get nominated for playing the role of Romeo and Juliet for their upcoming cultural festival, but Chitoge refuses to take the role.

Episode 19: The Play
Due to Chitoge’s refusal of accepting the role in their play, Kosaki steps in and takes the role as Juliet with Raku as Romeo. Whilst in the midst of rehearsals, Raku and Chitoge gets into a heated argument over their fake relationship. As Raku vehemently states how dysfunctional things are between them and is considering to end their ties, Chitoge slaps Raku out of indignation. On the day of their play, Kosaki gets injured after rescuing a fellow classmate from a fall. With no one else to take over Kosaki in her role as Juliet, Raku approaches Chitoge and convinces her to take the part. After Raku apologizes and admits he doesn’t despise Chitoge as the latter had presumed, Chitoge leans onto Raku and accepts the role as his Juliet.

Episode 20: Showtime
With Chitoge’s inclusion into their cast, the play commences with Shu as the narrator taking their performance into a comedic turn, adding nonsensical subplots into the play’s story for the enjoyment of the audience but for the chagrin to some of its casts. Nevertheless, the play finishes, gaining warm admiration from the audience while Chitoge recognizes her true love for Raku. With their usual relationship back in place, Chitoge apologizes to Raku for her harsh behavior and adds that she will still be herself in front of him. During a conversation with Kosaki, Raku takes notice of Kosaki’s desire of playing the role of Juliet. To compensate for not having played her role, as a result Raku and Kosaki reprise their roles as Romeo and Juliet respectively and did a private play for themselves as Chitoge looks into the horizon and remarks the conclusion of their memorable cultural festival.

Episode OVA 1: Loss / Shrine Maiden
Ruri has lost her glasses and asks Raku and Kosaki to find them. Raku asks Ruri if Kosaki is in love with somebody and Ruri confirms she does, devastating Raku. Ruri scolds Raku for not knowing who Kosaki likes and almost tells him Kosaki loves him, but is stopped by Shu, who believes it is better Raku work it out for himself. Raku and Kosaki end up finding the glasses together. Raku’s heartbreak at finding out Kosaki likes someone annoys Ruri so she lies and tells Raku she had been joking and that Kosaki isn’t in love with anybody, curing his depression. She agrees with Shu it is best to let Raku and Kosaki work things out themselves.

Raku, Chitoge, Kosaki, Marika and Seishiro are working at a shrine for New Years Eve. Raku is possessed by spirits and has nothing but bad luck all day. The priestess believes that because Raku is surrounded by pretty girls he is being haunted by the spirits of unpopular boys, and unless they are expelled by midnight, Raku may end up dead. The girls are given an exorcism talisman that will expel the spirits, but only if someone sticks it on his naked butt. Chitoge attempts to forcefully remove Raku’s underwear but ruins the talisman in the process. As the girls are wearing holy shrine maiden outfits they could expel the spirits by hugging Raku for a whole minute. Kosaki hugs Raku, which embarrasses them both and also fails to expel the spirits. With midnight approaching the only remaining way to save Raku is to force him to drink holy water, but it will only work if administered mouth to mouth, meaning someone has to kiss Raku. All four girls immediately take a mouthful of water and charge at Raku. During the chase Raku collides with the shrines holy bell and the spirits are instantly expelled. Despite being fully purified the Priestess believes Raku’s bad luck with women will only get worse.

Episode OVA 2: Work / Change
Raku and Chitoge go to a restaurant where Marika has a part time job as a waitress, though she is not very good at it and the manager only tolerates her constant mistakes because her cheerful personality draws in a lot of customers. The restaurant is suddenly swamped by both Raku’s fathers Yakuza gang and Chitoge’s fathers Beehive Gangsters. Raku and Chitoge pretend to be on a lovey dovey date so both gangs will behave. A fight almost breaks out when Marika hugs Raku in front of everybody. Marika’s fathers riot police also arrive and a three way fight between the Yakuza, police and gangsters almost destroys the restaurant. As this would put Marika out of a job she angrily drops her polite, feminine persona and throws all three gangs out of the restaurant by herself, shocking everybody. She admits she values her job because she is saving up to pay for her and Raku’s wedding and a house. At her home Marika, who has dutifully saved all the money she has earned, has a picture Raku drew from 10 years ago of his ideal house. Raku’s friends visit his house for a meal on New Years Day. Raku serves chocolates and Chitoge begins acting strangely and asks Raku to kiss her. Raku realises the chocolates contained whisky and Chitoge is drunk. She keeps trying to kiss him, jealous that he had once kissed Marika, who suddenly interrupts them, also drunk, and beats up Shu. Seishiro is likewise drunk and almost succeeds in kissing him, though he manages to trick her and she instead kisses a statue. Kosaki, also drunk, asks Raku to help her undress. When he refuses she almost molests him before he escapes. Chitoge demands to know if Raku likes her as more than just a fake girlfriend and threatens to tear his clothes off and molest him unless he admits he loves her. Raku is surrounded by Chitoge, Marika, Seishiro and Kosaki who all grab him. Raku wakes up later with a headache unable to remember anything that happened. All four girls, now sober, agree amongst themselves to never again speak about the things they did to Raku.

Episode OVA 3: Bath House / Service
Raku visits a public bathhouse where he meets Chitoge who visited the same bathhouse by coincidence. Chitoge is joined in the women’s bath by Marika and her female bodyguard, Honda. When Marika realises Raku is on the other side of the wall in the men’s bath she attempts to join him but is stopped by Chitoge who then punishes Raku for seeing her in a towel. Kosaki and her sister Haru also enter the women’s bath. Raku, who does not see them, is asked by the owner to watch the front desk while she runs an errand. As the only staff member Raku is asked by another customer to fix a broken tap in the women’s bath so he blindfolds himself and goes to find the tap. He almost gropes Kosaki’s breasts while searching for the tap but is beaten up by Haru so he returns to the front desk. Meanwhile Chitoge and Marika try and outlast each other in a sauna and end up passing out. While removing them from the sauna Chitoge’s towel falls off completely. When the owner returns she finds Raku unconscious behind the desk. All the girls visit a mountain hot spring together while Raku and Shu are forced to go to the men’s hot spring on the other side of the mountain in case they try to peek. Marika notices that Seishiro’s breasts have grown again and can’t resist groping them. The girls put all their cell phones, clothes and underwear in a large bag, but an erupting geyser blows the bag all the way to the other side of the mountain where it lands in a tree inside the men’s hot spring close to where the oblivious Raku is bathing. The naked girls distract Raku from the bushes while Chitoge attempts to retrieve the bag. She is almost seen by Raku and hides underwater in the hot spring. Another distraction allows Chitoge to escape without the bag while Raku believes he is being stalked by an animal. With the bag close to falling out of the tree and being discovered Kosaki sneaks into the hot spring while Raku is washing his hair but becomes too flustered when Raku touches her hand while looking for the soap and flees without the bag. Raku, now completely freaked out backs up against the tree. With the bag about to fall Chitoge accidentally leans against the wall which collapses, exposing all the naked girls to Raku. Chitoge beats him up until he gets amnesia and retrieves the bag. Elsewhere, Shu, who has spent two hours climbing the dangerous part of the mountain to peek at the women’s hot spring, ends up falling back down the mountain when he realises the girls are not there.

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