Overlord 2 | Overlord II

Season 2 of Overlord.

Overlord 2 Synopsis

Episode 1: The Dawn of Despair
In the Slane Theocracy, the Captain of the Black Scripture & Zesshi Zetsumei discuss the mystery of Magic Caster Ainz Ooal Gown for his growing celebrity as a magic caster, and a recent vampire attack which killed two Scripture members and severely wounded Lady Kaire. Zesshi expresses intrigue in Ainz, as she seeks a man capable of defeating her so as to sire for her a more powerful child. Meanwhile in another location, former adventurer Rigrit of the original 13 Heroes & the Platinum Dragon Lord discuss the possibility that a dark and powerful player from Yggdrasil may have arrived to this New World. In the Re-Estize Capital, Gazef Stronoff is with the King as the Counts of the Kingdom decide to bring the annual war to Baharuth, and the King apologizes for not having sent full support for the events of Carne Village. After a brief visit by Princess Renner & her squire Climb, The King asks Gazef to request a meeting with Ainz Ooal Gown to show his gratitude for saving Gazef. After Ainz finishes a job as Momon, he returns to Nazarick to give a debriefing to Albedo (simply ecstaticed of his return) of what he has learned in relation to the notable nation states in the known world in proximity of Nazarick’s position on the map. Meanwhile, Shalltear (guilt-ridden by her mind control attack Ainz) drinks herself into a stupor while Eclair, Sebas’ assistant Butler, fails at trying to cheer her up. Cocytus is sent to start a war with the Lizardmen and claim the fallen for a later army of undead. In the village of the Lizardmen, Green Claw Tribe Chieftain Shasryu discuss daily life with his younger brother Zaryusu when a monstrous entity comes from the clouds.

Episode 2: Departure
The dark entity which descends from the sky is a Herald forewarning the Lizardmen of the Green Claw Tribe of an invasion in eight days time. Zaryusu advises an alliance with the other Lizardmen tribes- Small Fang, Razor tail, Dragon Tusk, and Red Eye. But as Dragon Tusk has survivors of defeated Tribes Yellow Speckle & Sharp Edge, there is little to no hope of alliance with them. Zaryusu is permitted by his brother the Chieftain to be the envoy to seek an alliance with the other tribes. Reaching the Red Eye tribe, Zaryusu meets Crusch Lulu the Interim Chief/Priestess of the village. Enamored by her, he instinctively lets out a mating cry desiring to marry her. After an awkward start, the two discuss an alliance and reach a consensus. Planning to build an alliance, Zaryusu & Crusch arrive in the Dragon Tusk village and meet the Chieftain Zenburu Gugu, who also received the Herald’s message, but will only join the alliance if Zaryusu can prove his worth in combat. Back in Nazarick, Demiurge talks with Eclair, and it is revealed both are aware of Eclair’s hidden agenda to usurp Nazarick’s Throne as that was his design by Ankoro Mochi Mochi. As a decoy replica of Nazarick is under construction, Cocytus is informed by his subordinates of Demiurge’s scroll mission and the need to report regularly. Cocytus takes this news, and readys his army for the coming war in a few days. Aura, overseeing the construction of the decoy replica of Nazarick, receives a gift from Ainz in the form of a talking wristwatch with the voice of her creator Lady Bukubuku Chagama dictating Lunch Hour.

Episode 3: Lizard Men, Gathering
Zenburu fights Zaryusu, and they wager the role of Chief & Crusch for a mate. Zaryusu realizes his physical strength is less than Zanburu, but uses his Frost Pain axe item to freeze Zenburu with each attack, causing Zenburu to yield realizing he can’t keep fighting an item which will kill him as he fights. The group parties to discuss the alliance, and Dragon Tusk joins in. Heading to the Razor Tail Tribe, the First attack site of the Hearld’s message, Shasryu greets the trio and everyone gathers for a scout reports the odds are against them with forces 3:1. Cocytus views on a crystal monitor their gathering & orders the attack. The Lizardmen put up a moderate resistance, until the five Chiefs use their Magic Caster abilities to quickly summon Swamp Elementals. Entoma informs Lord Ainz, who views the situation with the Battle as unexpected. Cocytus messages Demiurge for insight, the latter informing him to think for himself as to how to ration and deploy troops against the Lizardmen, as it may be the undisclosed wish of Lord Ainz. Cocytus orders an Elder Lich Caster Commander into the fight, tearing down resistance with relative ease. Seeing their chance to enter the fight, Zaryusu sacrifices his steed Hydra Snake Rororo to get in close to the Lich to fight alongside Crusch & Zenburu, who are later rendered incapacitated, leaving Zaryusu to muster what strength he has left to trap himself and the Lich Commander in a massive ice cage. After much pain and many attacks, Zaryusu is victorious by surprise attacking the Lich in a fog and driving his Frost Pain into the former’s brain. With the Lizardmen victorious in the battle, Cocytus must answer to Ainz.

Episode 4: Army of Death
The Lizardmen celebrate victory; Zaryus & Crusch are alone in a tent blushing, when Zenburu barges in wondering if their “having fun”- much to their shock. Back in Nazarick, Ainz introduces 8th Floor Guardian ‘Victim’ to the others, to prepare for unforeseen encounters; Demiurge was successful in making higher quality scrolls using Sheep Beastmen; Ainz promises to fulfill Shalltear’s need for punishment later on. Lastly, as Cocytus was defeated, Ainz explains he gave Cocytus a weak army so he’d learn to adapt & reapply resources as a leader. As all of Cocytus’ forces were low Tier undead, there was no risk for Nazarick. But Cocytus must face punishment: he is to eradicate the Lizardmen. Cocytus instead asks the Lizardmen be spared into servitude of Nazarick. When Ainz asks why, Demiurge steps in proposing it could benefit them to see how governing a new people under Nazarick would work, as they may have to again in the future and starting now would help prepare them. Ainz agrees, but demands Cocytus rule them by means without fear. Ainz only wanted to hear Cocytus’ free opinion, demanding his Guardians think over their orders so as to bring greater benefit to Nazarick. After departing, Demiurge states to the Guardians that Ainz intended for all this, wishing they learn to be more interdependent in their goal for conquest, and Cocytus’ mission was also a probe of the Lizardmen. In his bedroom, Momonga is happy his guardians are learning to evolve, and also notices a familiar floral scent (Albedo’s). The next day, the Guardians & Ainz himself return to the battlefield in a grand show of force: freezing the lake, Gargantua (twice the height of the forest) throws a massive stone in the center of the lake, & the undead perform a royal procession for Ainz to sit atop the stone and speak before the Lizardmen. When the Shasha brothers act as representatives, Demiurge uses controller magic to have them bow properly before Ainz’ decree: Cocytus will arrive in 4 hours time to fight them on his own, and if they win they’re forever free of Nazarick. The Five Tribe leaders discuss sending only themselves, with Crusch to stay behind & lead. As she argues against this, the Tribe Leaders leave Zaryusu to talk with her- they both accept that there will be death and Crusch demands Zaryusu impregnate her to preserve their love.

Episode 5: The Freezing God
The Lizardmen champions- The Shasha Brothers, Zenburu, with Kyuku Zuzu and Sukyu Juju (Razor Tail & Small Fang Chieftains respectively) prepare for battle with Cocytus. During this preparation, Ainz & his guardians enter a temporary base of operations while Victim Guards the First Floor as they’re out. Upon seeing a make shift throne for himself by his guardians, he opts to use Shalltear as a chair as her due punishment (when really he felt uneasy about sitting in a chair made of bones); this enrages Albedo but hyper stimulates Shalltear’s pleasure. While observing the Lizardmen, the Mirror of Remote Viewing stumbles on Zaryusu & Crusch having sex- which starts a conversation Ainz forces to be quiet. The Lizardmen champions stand ready, and Cocytus arrives to do battle equipped in his Floor Guardian gear. Many Lizardmen die leaving only the Shasha brothers. Cocytus asks for their names and grants them the honor of death by his God Slaying Emperor Blade. Repeating the fog & surprise attack maneuver, they’re easily countered & Shasryu is killed. Later, Ainz congratulates Cocytus for his victory & summons Crusch over for a deal: report & monitor her people for any signs of rebellion and Ainz will revive Zaryusu. Crusch agrees and Ainz resurrects Zaryusu (suffering confusion & level loss from the Yggdrasil rez function) among the villagers- who now worship him a god. After pledging their fidelity, Zaryusu asks for his brother & Zenburu be returned as well, and Ainz takes it into consideration having the Lizardmen keep their bodies safeguarded. Tired, Zaryusu & Crusch go to get rest.

Episode 6: Those who pick up, Those who are picked up
While still in the Re-Estize capital, Sebas goes to the Magician’s Guild to purchase a spell scroll, and on his way back to the mansion stumbles upon a brutalized young woman who, after remembering the words of his creator Player Touch Me, takes her to safety. The man who threw her away begs Sebas not to as he will be killed by the Eight Fingers crime syndicate for allowing an asset to be taken; Sebas gives the man money to flee town as a response. Upon his return, Solution is taken aback by Sebas’ care for the young girl & having Solution heal her of injury. Waking up she is fed, and breaks down crying for being shown the level of kindness Sebas has given, and revealing her name is Tuare. Sebas orders Solution not inform Lord Ainz, stating it is not worth his time knowing about a meager human girl. Meanwhile, Gazef has breakfast with Brain Unglaus, who is in a depressive state following his encounter with Shalltear, and Gazef tries to help him. Out in a secluded region, Adamantite Adventurer Team Blue Rose destroys an illegal crop used in the production of a powerful narcotic called Black Dust. While scouting, Blue Rose member Evileye finds a parchment with code which can lead them to the leaders of Eight Fingers. As the same time, the heads of Eight Fingers discuss the crop burning and the girl’s rescue by Sebas. At the table, Zero, head of Eight Fingers Security, promises Coco Doll, head of the Slave Department, that his men will return the girl to their possession.

Episode 7: Blue Roses
As Ainz reviews the New World finances, he finds it difficult to manage funds for the Lizardmen budget & the undercover Nazarick agents. Narberal, as Nabe, comes to Ainz in regards to the various ore samples he had bought to do an appraisal experiment on the Exchange Box, to see which ore from where yields the most gold. He gives Nabe all the money he has left, reminding her to be covert & pleasant to humans for their covers, and silently frets on financial woes. Elsewhere, Climb is given a sparring session by Gazef, who informs Climb of Ainz Ooal Gown, having saved his life, for the young bodyguard to remember. After the spar, Gazef notes to his Vice-Chief that Climbs power can’t go pass that of a Gold ranked Adventurer and his efforts won’t change that, but he can still learn from experience. Across the way, Gazef sees Prince Zanac talking with Marquis Raven, likely forming an alliance dispite Kingdom factions as Raven is an opportunist. Meeting with Princess Renner, Climb is introduced to Blue Rose Leader Lakyus Alvein Dale Aindra along with Blue Rose Twin Assassin Tina. Under Renner’s guidance, they learn the code they discovered at the Black Dust crop is really a list of locations of importance to Eight Fingers in the capital city. One location not listed, is an underground brothel in the capital, and Blue Rose brings Climb to investigate alongside them; however, remembering a Nobleman’s daughter serves as one of Renner’s maids, they worry of their plans having been uncovered. Meanwhile, Sebas has Tuare serve as the maid of the manor he & Solution are using as cover to better sell that identity, but are later found by Succulent (an Eight Fingers agent) & Constable Staffan Havish. The two ‘ask’ for compensation for Sebas’ purchasing Tuare despite the Anti-Slave laws, so as to be pardoned for his ‘crime’. Permitting Sebas two days to think over their proposal, the two take their leave. As Sebas goes on a walk to clear his mind, Solution messages Ainz to inform him Sebas may have been compromised – much to the Overlord’s disbelief.

Episode 8: A Boy’s Feeling
Climb heads to an Inn where Gagaran & Evileye are having lunch and informs both of them Lakyus wants both of them to be ready to mobilize. As the conversation goes on, Evileye informs the both of them of the new Adamantite team “Darkness” with adventurers Momon & Nabe, with The Wise King of the Forest as a pet- leaving Gagaran astounded by their reported feats. Climb wishes to be capable of such strength, but the duo advise him to go his own pace, and not to lose his humanity in pursuit of power. Meanwhile, Brain Unglaus runs errands for Gazef, and goes past a crowd watching a group of drunk men assaulting a boy for simply bumping into them; Climb also goes by the crowd and moves to stop the matter. Both see Sebas move with skill & speed to resolve the matter in one punch. They separately follow the butler into an alleyway, where Climb enthusiastically asks Sebas for a quick lesson in strength after witnessing him recently. Sebas sees Climb as trustworthy and gives him a lesson: how to overcome fear of death. By flooding Climb’s sense with killing intent, Climb dodges at the last possible instance by overcoming his fear, by thinking of Renner. Brain, having witnessed this around the corner, is moved by Climb’s ability to overcome intense fear, and asks to also learn from Sebas. However, the trio are beset by five assassin’s sent by Succulent- which Sebas downs three, for the last two to be handled by Brain & Climb. With their attackers downed, Sebas uses a skill to easily interrogate one of them on where to find Succulent & the Eight Fingers. The trio move together out of a grown respect for each other, and move to destroy Eight Fingers in the Capital of Re-Estize. They head for Succulent’s brothel- the same place Sebas rescued Tuare from.

Episode 9: Soaring Sparks of Fire
Sebas, Brain & Climb arrive at the brothel and use two entryways: the front door to the main brothel, and the side entrance to the underground storage area. Climb & Brain take the latter door, while Sebas charges the front. Sebas forewarns the duo that if needed, he will kill opposition inside if he is forced to, with the both of them understanding; they only ask that the Eight Fingers leaders Coco Doll & Succulent be captured. Sebas easily removes the steal door and knocks away the guards, and comes across Constable Staffan Havish mercilessly assaulting a slave girl for pleasure. Sebas bitch slaps Staffan into a bloody state, and after the Constables pleas for mercy with money, Sebas concludes he is unworthy of life and kicks him in half. Brain & Climb stop their opposition and locate a trap door (courtesy of items by Gagaran) leading to the underground storage. While Brain scouts further in having Climb stand watch, Coco Doll & Succulent arrive by a hidden passage in front of the young warrior. Succulent uses his illusion magic to gravely injure Climb, until Brain returns & defeats him with his God Slash Technique. The trio are successful in apprehending two of the Eight Fingers, and return to their respective homes: Brain returns to Gazef’s home and the two have dinner discussing Climb’s progress & Shalltear by name; Sebas returns to the manor, only for Solution to be in her Pleadies attire, telling him Ainz is in the next room waiting to speak with him; Climb returns to Renner, who is pleased he is safe. After Climb retires for the night, Renner calls in the maid she knows is spying on her to tell her about how amazing Climb was- only for her to actually plan on killing the maid for disrespecting Climb within her earshot. Late at night, Zero gathers the remaining members of Six Arms, to kill Sebas, Climb & Brain for opposing them.

Episode 10: Disturbance Begins in the Royal Capital
Ainz must personally investigate Sebas’ possible betrayal, with Demiurge & Cocytus as witnesses. Renner & Blue Rose meet to discuss the raids on Eight Fingers, but Marquis Raeven has some interjections he wishes to make.

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