SWORD ART ONLINE Movie: Ordinal Scale

In the year of 2022, a new invention called NerveGear which came with full-dive system, was invented by the brilliant programmer Akihiko Kayaba. It allows users to enter the world of virtual reality and has generated infinite possibilities to VRMMORPGs. Augma, a new machine developed 4 years later to compete against Nervegear and Amusphere, doesn’t offer full-dive functionalities like its predecessors but implements Augmented Reality to enable players to access the game in a use-friendly safe environment while they are conscious. OS also known as Ordinal Scale is an ARMMORPG most trendy game on the system developed exclusively for Augma. Kirito opted to join Asuna and her gang who has been playing OS for awhile. However, it isn’t all fun and games as they find out in Ordinal Scale.

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